Develop empathy for your customers

Learn exactly what they think of your product

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Deeper understanding

You need empathy to build something exceptional. Really knowing your customers and what they need gives you a valuable perspective — so you can solve real problems in a meaningful way.


Host online empathy sessions with groups of customers.


Add quantitative insights to reinforce your qualitative research.


Summarize your learnings so you can implement fresh insights.

Make time for empathy

Empathy sessions are online and chat-based, making it easy for people to participate. Invite groups of customers to discuss a specific topic — such as a new feature or an enhancement to an existing one. Automatically include customers who voted or commented on an idea and manually add others.

Plan your discussion

Get the most out of your empathy session. Create a discussion guide, define the topic, and assemble the team. Preparing in advance helps you lead the conversation with confidence — so you can gain the valuable insights you need for future innovation.

Poll your audience

Gather quantitative feedback and keep your audience engaged during live sessions. Launch a poll in the chat and watch as participants respond in real time. Use the results to validate your learnings — so you can analyze the data behind the feedback.

Gather in-app feedback

Collecting feedback while people are using your product is a great way to find out what they really think. Embed a feedback widget in your web application to gain insight into specific areas of functionality. Add a logo and choose a theme color to match your brand.

Savor the insights

The transcripts from empathy sessions and in-app community feedback are stored in a collaborative space. It is always easy for the team to review what customers shared and summarize important findings. You can also star messages and convert them into ideas, so valuable learnings become actionable requests.

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