Aha! Develop + GitHub

Get full visibility into code progress

Track branches and pull requests

Link your user stories in Aha! Develop with their branches and pull requests in GitHub. This makes it easy to see the of status of your PRs in Develop — and know when your code has shipped. Add the GitHub field to your card layout to see PR status across features on our workflow board.

Automate status updates

Automatically update the status of a feature in Aha! Develop when an event happens in GitHub — such as when a PR is merged successfully. Give cross-functional teammates visibility into how work is progressing and keep everyone aligned and moving forward together.

Do more with Aha! Develop + GitHub

View build status from GitHub Actions

Add the GitHub Actions extension for full visibility into code progress. Track whether builds pass or fail without leaving Develop, and jump directly into the logs when needed.

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Import issues from GitHub to Develop

Drag and drop individual issues from GitHub directly into your Aha! Develop backlog — so you can plan and manage all of your work in one place.

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