Build your way

A fully extendable agile development tool

Radical control for developers

Customize everything

Set up as many teams as you need. And then customize the way you work by doing what you do best — writing code. Extensions are lightning-fast to make and use. Powered by modern frontend React architecture and GraphQL, you can create extensions to update the UI, add unique workflows, and much more.

Use available extensions

Write your own extensions or use what the community has already created. It is easy to take an extension and modify it to match how your team works. Better still — they are open source, quick to customize and install, and free to use.

All the functionality you would expect from an agile software tool

Manage backlogs

Streamline backlog management. Organize features into backlogs to plan what needs to be delivered and when. Importer extensions make it easy to bring in work — such as issues and support tickets — from other systems. This gives you a complete picture of everything that needs to be done so you can prioritize what matters most.

Define user stories

Break down exactly what you plan to develop. Build out requirements and embed mockups from your favorite design tool to clarify how the new functionality should work. Use custom fields to capture additional information that is relevant to your team. Then estimate the required effort in points.

Coordinate sprints

Help organize work across your team by scheduling upcoming iterations and setting the capacity for each one. As you drag and drop user stories from the backlog into a sprint, the team's available and planned capacity updates in real time. Track progress being made during a sprint and see how much work remains to be completed.

Manage delivery

Interactive kanban boards show the status of everything that has been prioritized. Add as many columns as you need to optimize your process. Toggle between an individual or team view to monitor the flow of work. Create a deployment extension to make it easy to deploy code in the same tool where planning happens.

Share knowledge via a wiki

Capture key documentation in a central place. From architectural frameworks to DevOps runbooks and meeting agendas, create as many notes as you want and organize them in a structured way. Rich formatting options and collaborative editing make it easy for teams to document information with exceptional clarity.

Streamline your product development process

Use Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps together to create the perfect environment — so product management and development can both be their best. This ensures that data is never lost, status is always in sync, and each team has exactly the information they need.

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