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We Are What We Do Aha! Moment

Throw out your spreadsheets, recycle those backs-of-envelopes: Aha! puts a beautiful face on the messy, complicated process of making great products.

Breandan Knowlton, Digital Product Manager

About We Are What We Do

We Are What We Do is a not-for-profit behavior change company with over eight years experience in shifting the everyday behaviors of individuals and tackling a series of major social and environmental issues. We create mainstream products and services, which are useful or desirable in their own right and facilitate positive behaviors, meaning they can have a major, sustainable impact on the issues we address.

We had a problem

Communicating and agreeing on product requirements accurately across three countries and 10 hours of time zones over email was getting to be extremely difficult, especially when discussing specific features in detail. With many interlocking and ongoing projects, keeping all stakeholders and account managers up-to-speed on the feature and product roadmap plan was getting tough. This also meant we had problems working with and committing to our clients. When we did need to create schedules we did it by drafting separate Gantt charts for the roadmaps and feature requirement charts to explain what we were doing. This took time away from ideating and building. Our whole product development process was too slow and too cumbersome. We needed to make some changes and we needed help doing it.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! gave us the help we needed to refine our product development roadmapping and get our products progressing. We love the feature-level collaboration and commenting streams in Aha! They have eliminated a lot of the ambiguity of our product feature design process. Aha! also brings us together as a company by facilitating our work as a team. The simple interfaces for roadmaps and timelines help to synchronize the team and ensure everyone understands who is doing what whether we are in the same room or across the globe. And with the Aha! publication feature, we can easily create customized notebooks to share tables, diagrams and charts or any part our product development roadmap. Now we look forward to sharing timelines and roadmaps with our clients, eliminating worry and reassuring them that their projects and features are progressing well.

Life is good

Aha! made sense of our product development roadmapping. The creative process is graceful, elegant and beautiful because it gives us a single place to record and track everything we do in product development. As ideas come up, we can capture and rate them in the context of our business priorities. Nothing falls through the cracks as it used to. In Aha! we can define our product and strategy, plan releases and prioritize new features. Our project and product managers love it because they no longer spend their time grooming awkward spreadsheets, and instead focus on the specific requirements that will deliver the best value to our users. Our team finally has time to really listen to customers, brainstorm with them, agree on solutions, and build great products.

Time to let the creativity flow means better products and better products means happier customers. Thanks Aha!

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