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Red Bee Media Aha! Moment

Aha! has simplified and structured our product management process.

David Travis, Head of Video Services

About Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media, formerly Ericsson Broadcast & Media Services, is a leading service provider to the media industry. Every day, people on all continents watch television programs prepared, managed and broadcast by Red Bee Media staff. Every year, the business delivers more than 2.7 million hours of programming in more than 60 languages for nearly 600 TV channels.

We had a problem

Our business serves clients across more than 180 countries, as well as multiple devices and platforms. So, we need to be able to make quick decisions with the most up-to-date information. But we were doing manual roadmapping — creating product roadmaps in tools that were never designed for the job.

We also experienced the need for constant updates, and often saw product roadmaps quickly become outdated. We lacked an organized approach to idea management. With customers across the globe, we receive feedback from a range of sources, but we didn’t have an effective way to turn that feedback into enhancements in our products and services. These challenges made collaborating around feature prioritization challenging.

Aha! as a solution

With Aha! we finally have a consolidated way to manage our product roadmaps. We can create roadmaps for multiple products in our portfolio, and even for our managed services. We have the ability now to see and share these roadmaps in a single place, and track progress without manual updates.

The two-way Jira integration with Aha! means that our development teams can continue to manage and track their work in their preferred tool, while the product team receives updates in Aha! And we now have an ideas portal for feature requests, so that we can easily solicit and collect feedback and promote ideas into features.

Life is good

Since we began using Aha! we’ve experienced greater productivity, enhanced communication, and superior prioritisation. Aha! gives us a shared platform for collaboration and planning, across our portfolio. As a result of being able to collaborate on features, for example, we do a better job identifying the most important work and defining it for development teams.

Now, instead of spending time manually updating our roadmaps, we can dedicate that time to moving projects forward. And the team has greater confidence in our ability to provide global broadcast and media services with the highest quality and efficiency.

Aha! is a great tool for managing our entire product portfolio.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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