How we all got on the same page thanks to Aha!

Dan Preiss

Product Manager

We had a problem

We were out of sync and we knew it. Our product development roadmap was in place, but not accessible to everyone. We relied on countless GoogleDocs – documents, spreadsheets, and presentations – to create and work through the process of product development. The dispersed documentation meant that individuals on our team had to create their own system and way of organizing information. This made sharing with each other more complicated and forgetting to share important details more likely. This lack of visibility in a constantly evolving product roadmap made it difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Not being in sync slowed the process and took a toll on our productivity. We needed one tool to keep everything in one place throughout the product development roadmapping process that was both dynamic and easy to access for everyone.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! is the whole package, a true necessity for our roadmapping. It really keeps us focused and gets us where we need to go. Since implementing Aha! we have moved away from feature planning in our engineering system, which was not working for us, and now only push stories that are ready for development to Pivotal Tracker when they are well vetted. Aha! is the central location for all product development roadmapping including planning, discussions, estimation and reporting.

Aha! quickly went from initiative to necessity.

We now build out dashboards using the Aha! secure web page publishing feature for our non-technical team members and the executive team to review. This means that we now spend less time manually creating views for all of the external teams and more time working with our developers on feature planning. That's what we were looking for – a central, cloud-based application that was a joy for everyone to use.

Life is good

With Aha! in place, we save time, communicate with ease and have shifted the focus onto building out the best products for our customers. We have all our product development strategy, releases and features in one place. We can easily schedule releases, track and prioritize features and communicate all of this to our team and others dynamically.

We love having Aha! as our central location for everything product development.

We use Aha! as our central location for everything! And while once cumbersome, our external communication in Aha! is so easy it has even boosted our collaborative capabilities with our customers. We love Aha! because it puts us all on the same page and lets us get back to the business of building great products.

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