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Q9 Elements Inc. Aha! Moment

For the first time, I can see and manage the big picture of what we are trying to achieve before diving into all the details. This allows me to have sensible conversations with fellow executives about product strategy and the roadmap whilst also being able to link this to the detail that engineering needs.

Adrian King, COO/CTO, Q9 Elements Inc.

About Q9 Elements Inc.

Q9 Elements provides SaaS-based solutions that allow any organization — big or small — to capture, collaborate, and consume Process Knowledge about how their organization works. Using a very simple notation based on knowing, “Who should do what, when, why, and how?” organizations can paint a bigger picture. They can visualize how their organizations operate, which serves as the basis for managing their compliance requirements.

We had a problem

Product management has a lot of moving parts. Our team needed a simple methodology to capture information in a consistent, maintainable way. We also lacked ability to produce roadmaps that we could share with our whole team. This made it tough to track who was working on what, and the lack of visibility became a real problem.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! finally gave our team a standard way to capture and manage information. This has provided a consistent approach to the way that we think about — and capture — product management data. Our work as a team is much more unified now. Everyone has access to our roadmap, because anyone can reference Aha! to see our projects’ status in real time. This has cut down on confusion and enhanced communications. The Aha! notebooks have been especially helpful. I can capture any views in Aha! that I need and then use different notebooks to share those views with stakeholders. And the link to Jira has also been a huge help. The two-way integration between Aha! and Jira keeps user stories aligned with our roadmap.

Life is good

Aha! has made our team more disciplined than ever. Using it has made us all think more deeply about our product roadmap and ensure that much more rigor is applied to our work. This is REALLY valuable. It is too easy to cut corners with Excel or Word, only to find that work within these tools too hard to maintain. Now that we all use Aha! we can manage multiple products in one place. This helps us balance resources and plan ahead more effectively.

Now, if there are issues with dependency or prioritization, they are brought to light sooner — and, as a result, they are solved more quickly. This saves our team hours of rework and allows prioritization decisions to be made with much more confidence. Finally, being able to link product with corporate initiatives has been a huge help. It ensures that we prioritize our time by focusing on the big picture.

Now with Aha! we no longer lose sight of where we are going. That is an awesome feeling.

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The world's #1 roadmap software
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