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Aha! allows us to manage all phases of planning, development, and integration services. It also makes communication about roadmaps, plans, and status very easy.

Mladen Malkovich, Chief Product Officer

About Intellify

Intellify is a leading provider of data management and learning intelligence services for the education sector. Our customers include digital education publishers and online education service providers as well as post-secondary, K-12, and corporate learning educators. Our analytics technology combines data collection, storage, API access, visualization, and more advanced analytics capabilities to meet specific customer needs.

We had a problem

Intellify needed a product management tool that several teams across our organization could use. Our product team needed a solution to help us identify, prioritize, and define products for our core technology. We needed a solution that would enable us to manage design, development, testing, and deployment of multiple products in an integrated and efficient way. We also wanted our services team to use this same solution to manage their customer implementation and customization projects.

Finally, we needed a solution that would enable us to easily share information about our products and releases with stakeholders, team members, and customers. This is a lot to ask of one solution. As you can imagine, it took some time before we found the right solution that meets all of these needs.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! turned out to be that one-stop solution. The strategic capabilities in Aha! help us think and work through which product opportunities we should prioritize, how should we define and pursue them as initiatives, and how they all come together as an integrated roadmap.

The management capabilities for different types of work items (epics, stories, bugs, to-dos) across different product lines enables our product team to define, assign, and track the work performed by our core and service teams. This gives everyone more transparency.

Aha! notebooks allow us to easily compile and share information about products and delivery on a weekly basis. Best of all, Aha! allows us to achieve this without the need to manually edit, transform, format, and create each roadmap view per audience. The status and ETA of each work item is reflected in its respective notebook. Each notebook can be customized as needed per audience. Best of all, the content in each notebook is updated in real time within Aha! This greatly reduces the effort needed to communicate with stakeholders and customers.

Life is good

Aha! erased our need to use different tools for core platform development, implementation services, and customer feedback. Having several teams use the same transparent tool helps us all be more productive and cost efficient.

Aha! even simplifies and accelerates onboarding of new team members and customers. This helps us grow our projects and teams faster than we could in the past.

Aha! helps us streamline the process for deciding what to build and why. This more effective way to work helps us improve our transparency and trust with stakeholders, team members, partners, and customers.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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