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Crux Aha! Moment

As a startup that has pivoted several times, Crux relies on visual roadmaps to achieve high-level goals. Aha! has helped us figure out which problem we want our product to solve — and put this idea into action.

Juan Carlos Perez, Co-Founder and CEO

About Crux

Crux helps college groups improve communication. Our app is a platform for managing the people, places, and things that matter most to specific groups. Our target audiences are high school and college students that belong to organized campus groups, from sororities to soccer clubs. Today, we have campus brand ambassadors at more than 20 universities. Users belong to groups at schools such as UC Irvine, The University of Southern California, Cornell, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.

We had a problem

As an evolving startup, our product development has pivoted several times. As Co-Founder and CEO, it is my role to display our product roadmap in a visual manner. This is a must to help our whole team understand how our product vision is evolving. It is also far easier said than done. Communicating clear, up-to-date development status to non-technical team members is a challenge. It is equally tough to allocate time and resources to the right items without falling into time-sinks. For a startup, time is money; being smart with how we manage both is essential.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! now plays a key role in bringing Crux to life. We use the Features List during our daily team meetings as a visual cue into our progress. We also keep the Features Board open on our dashboard at all times. This allows anyone on the team to review the progress of our product development. The time-tracking and estimation feature lets us know which areas need more focus, and which initiatives will achieve the right goals. We evaluate initiatives by separating each product within a product line. Since we are a small startup and all products/teams are closely tied together, this allows for stronger collaboration.

Life is good

Aha! allows us to analyze capacity at a high level. There have been times when we inadvertently added too much to a specific release. Aha! let us know that we were over capacity for that release, and showed us where we could dial back. After moving beyond beta mode, Crux is now available on the iTunes app and Google Play stores. We will release a web version of Crux next — and Aha! has played a key role in strategizing our growth. Since first being founded in January 2014, we have simplified our product by removing features that didn’t serve our value proposition. We have also involved our users in driving our product roadmap, and have iterated from a fairly complex product concept into a simple, elegant communications tool. 

Aha! helps us build what matters for those who need our product. As we grow, it will remain essential.

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