We all work towards the same goals in unison because of Aha!

Russ Hammond

Product Manager

We had a problem

Connexio Labs is a new firm with a great product and a great team. Still, we quickly realized that maintaining roadmaps while validating our product and market is very challenging. The product team tried piecing together various tools to keep up with our dynamic product development. None of the available tools provided a complete solution and none spoke specifically to our roadmapping issues.

We needed a tool that let us detail, update and prioritize product changes and we needed a way to share the information with the whole team—product managers, engineers and executives.The engineers had their tools to maintain their workflow, and we found ourselves wishing that we had a tool that could do the same for all of us.

Aha! as a solution

Fortunately for us, we found Aha! We can define product strategy and goals, validate our market and prioritize initiatives and features. We have a workflow that allows us to define and document release plans and then prioritize or put on hold features and requirements for the product we are developing. We love that we can have several "themed" backlogs for the different products in our portfolio.

The most helpful support team from the most powerful product management tool I have ever used.

As the work flows, Aha! captures every detail and makes it sharable to the whole team and other stakeholders. The product managers are no longer jealous of the developer's tools—in fact, Aha! is so versatile that our developers canceled their Pivotal Tracker account and now we are all using Aha! This really keeps us all in-sync and the work flowing.

Life is good

Aha! is the whole package for the whole team. No more wasting time trying to hack together roadmapping tools and longing for something better. With Aha! the whole team, including product managers, developers and senior management are working from the same source. When an update or change is made, it's visible because Aha! updates in real time.

Aha! puts everything in one place for the entire team.

We can then customize individualized views of the roadmap and easily published each one for different stakeholders. As a team, we love having everything in one place—ideas for the future, what we are working on right now, and what's coming up.

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