Aha! Fellowship 2021

March 29 — May 21

Do you want to learn about innovation, product management, and customer success at one of the most respected SaaS companies? You will in this full-time, eight-week program. (And a lot more.) You will be awarded $4,200 each month. You will also have the opportunity to become Aha! Academy Product Management certified when you complete the program.

Eligibility requirements

  • Reside in the U.S. without requiring sponsorship for visas or related permits

  • Identify as belonging to a historically underrepresented racial, ethnic, or disadvantaged group

  • College degree or equivalent work experience in project management, IT, or software development

  • Available to participate in a full-time training program

  • Strong writing and presentation skills

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Applications close at 9 am CST on March 1, 2021

"After graduating from the 2020 fellowship, I accepted an offer for a product role. It was amazing because I was able to choose and several companies invited me to interview with them. The fellowship was a great contributor to my success."

Maria Paz Zuniga

"The Aha! Fellowship provided new insightful ways for me to approach product management. The learnings have rounded out my skillsets and understanding, I feel much better equipped moving forward in my career journey."

Clinton Tyler-Martin

"The fellowship provided me a space to develop my product management skills with the best practices in mind. It is an accelerated step into a career I thought was beyond my reach. I am now confident and comfortable in the value I can bring to any team."

Angela Le

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to become a fellow?

This program is for people from historically underrepresented groups in software who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, product management, and customer success. You must be available full time, currently reside in the United States, and not require Aha! to sponsor a visa or related permit.

What is the application process?
After submitting a complete application, there are typically three interviews for each applicant before they are selected.

Can you tell me more about the curriculum?

It is a full-time, immersive training program that spans eight weeks. It is designed to help you learn how to set strategy, build, launch, and support innovative products. You will learn from instructors and mentors who bring decades of product leadership and software industry experience. The curriculum is built around three key areas: entrepreneurship, product management, and customer success. It will provide you with the opportunity to earn an Aha! Academy Product Management certification.

How will I spend my time?

The program is composed of group meetings and seminars, individual activities, group projects, reading assignments, team-building exercises, and meetings with an assigned mentor. In any given week, you can expect to spend approximately 12 to 15 hours participating in meetings and different activities. You will then have the balance of the week to work on completing individual tasks and project work. The goal is to have variation in your days and weeks to keep it fresh, interesting, and fun while learning a lot along the way.

What can I expect to learn during the program?

The program activities will provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills in the following areas:

  • Discover what customers really need and are willing to pay for

  • Set product vision and define strategic goals and initiatives

  • Create roadmaps to meet the needs of different stakeholders

  • Conduct product demos

  • Use Aha! Roadmaps and Ideas — the industry-standard product management tool

  • Write compelling go-to-market copy for new product launches

  • Present yourself well to prospective employers

Please note that this is solely a training program. It is not an internship or other related type of program. You will not be doing any work on behalf of Aha!

How will I practice developing these skills?

The following provides a glimpse into some of the activities you will complete over the course of the program:

  • Devise a new product idea and manage it from inception through pitch presentation

  • Shadow an Aha! product manager through the phases of delivering a new feature

  • Write a go-to-market blog announcing the launch of a fictitious new product

  • Complete a small group project focused on empathy and conducting product interviews

  • Shadow Aha! Customer Success managers giving demos to customer product teams

  • Participate in weekly peer review and practice sessions

  • Read from books, blogs, and other Aha! and non-Aha! publications on related weekly themes

  • Update your LinkedIn profile and resume and conduct mock interviews with an Aha! recruiter

What will a typical week look like?

We follow a recurring structure each week, with some variation along the way. A typical week will consist of the following meetings and activities:

  • Monday: Kickoff meeting and seminar related to weekly theme

  • Tuesday: Meet with an Aha! functional team leader to learn more about how that team works

  • Wednesday: Team building activity and peer group reviews

  • Thursday: Meet with your mentor

  • Friday: Weekly review and wrap-up

You will also attend Aha! customer demos, complete reading assignments, and work on individual and group projects.

What are the program hours?

This is a full-time program and you are expected to be engaged during normal business hours, from 9am - 5pm, in your time zone.

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