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360PI Aha! Moment

Aha! was clearly built with the goals and challenges of product managers in mind. It incorporates best practices while providing flexibility to manage as much or as little of your product content as you wish - which is extremely important if you also rely on other services like JIRA or Google docs.

Paul Turnbull, Product Manager

About 360PI

360PI derives profitable insights from product and pricing big data to help leading omnichannel retailers, etailers, and manufacturers compete and win in a price transparent world. 360PI’s customer base accounts for over $100 billion USD in annual retail sales, and includes Ace Hardware, Build.com, Overstock.com, and RIS Fusion award-winner Best Buy Canada. 360PI monitors millions of products with unprecedented accuracy to give retailers and manufacturers real-time market visibility. We expose the competitive pricing landscape to offer the “right price” for their respective customers. Ultimately, 360PI helps customers make smarter pricing decisions to drive increased revenues and margins.

We had a problem

Previously, our product team had no centralized, accessible repository for raw product ideas or product commitments beyond semi-structured wiki pages, PowerPoint decks, and spreadsheets. This lack of organization made it tough for teams to contribute product ideas without adding them directly to a product backlog. It was also hard to keep product roadmaps and related information up to date and in sync with our product backlog in JIRA.

Aha! as a solution

We noticed an instant difference once our team started to use Aha! Now, we can easily capture and communicate product ideas throughout the organization. Each product’s ideas, features, and related releases are visualized in Aha! for anyone with access to see. To help team members suggest new ideas – and keep these ideas organized — we set up idea portals. These allow users to easily submit and upvote ideas, as well as contribute by commenting on other ideas.  Finally, the fact that Aha! integrates with GoogleID for login reduced another barrier for us to adopt Aha! internally.

Life is good

Since using Aha! our product team feels reborn. It was easy for our team to get started and gradually use more capabilities as needs expanded. Collaboration capabilities, such as commenting and To-Do tasks, are now used to a greater extent. This is improving productivity and stakeholder engagement in projects.

Aha! reduces the amount of time needed to update timelines in spreadsheets and roadmaps in PowerPoints. With all of our information in one software system, everyone is now on the same page. Finally, the ability to synchronize features in Aha! with JIRA reduces overhead and content duplication. Engineers need to understand the “how”; Aha! offers the transparency they crave regarding product planning.

It is comforting to know how vast Aha! is as a product. Its capabilities keep us assured that as our team tackles more challenging products, we have a tool that can help all teams stay on the right track.

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